Top 10 Spanish IT hubs. Salary Benchmarking

Information Technology. 10 positions

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Offer and demand
We analyze the offer and demand for each position in each location. This information is key for establishing recruitment strategies depending on the frictions of the market and the availability of professionals.

Frontend Developer has 14154 candidates and 5317 job offers.

Java Developer has 12622 candidates and 3933 job offers.

Data Scientist has 8218 candidates and 1730 job offers.

Systems Administrator has 6843 candidates and 669 job offers.

Software Architect has 5163 candidates and 467 job offers.

Devops Engineer has 4505 candidates and 4351 job offers.

Quality Assurance Engineer has 907 candidates and 4065 job offers.

.Net Developer has 3771 candidates and 1408 job offers.

Php Developer has 2377 candidates and 2514 job offers.

Security Engineer has 965 candidates and 47 job offers.

Salary .Net Developer in A Coruña is 34900€

Salary .Net Developer in Barcelona is 43500€

Salary .Net Developer in Bilbao is 32200€

Salary .Net Developer in Madrid is 39300€

Salary .Net Developer in Málaga is 34100€

Salary .Net Developer in Múrcia is 32800€

Salary .Net Developer in Oviedo is 30300€

Salary .Net Developer in Sevilla is 30900€

Salary .Net Developer in Valencia is 36800€

Salary .Net Developer in Zaragoza is 35600€

Salary Java Developer in A Coruña is 28600€

Salary Java Developer in Barcelona is 37200€

Salary Java Developer in Bilbao is 28300€

Salary Java Developer in Madrid is 35000€

Salary Java Developer in Málaga is 28100€

Salary Java Developer in Múrcia is 28100€

Salary Java Developer in Oviedo is 26400€

Salary Java Developer in Sevilla is 29300€

Salary Java Developer in Valencia is 33000€

Salary Java Developer in Zaragoza is 33300€

Salary Systems Administrator in A Coruña is 27100€

Salary Systems Administrator in Barcelona is 43500€

Salary Systems Administrator in Bilbao is 29600€

Salary Systems Administrator in Madrid is 43800€

Salary Systems Administrator in Málaga is 29300€

Salary Systems Administrator in Múrcia is 29000€

Salary Systems Administrator in Oviedo is 29200€

Salary Systems Administrator in Sevilla is 30600€

Salary Systems Administrator in Valencia is 25400€

Salary Systems Administrator in Zaragoza is 29500€

Salary Data Scientist in A Coruña is 28700€

Salary Data Scientist in Barcelona is 44000€

Salary Data Scientist in Bilbao is 32300€

Salary Data Scientist in Madrid is 40600€

Salary Data Scientist in Málaga is 32300€

Salary Data Scientist in Múrcia is 32200€

Salary Data Scientist in Oviedo is 32600€

Salary Data Scientist in Sevilla is 30300€

Salary Data Scientist in Valencia is 33400€

Salary Data Scientist in Zaragoza is 33300€

Salary Devops Engineer in A Coruña is 29900€

Salary Devops Engineer in Barcelona is 55400€

Salary Devops Engineer in Bilbao is 29300€

Salary Devops Engineer in Madrid is 50200€

Salary Devops Engineer in Málaga is 38800€

Salary Devops Engineer in Múrcia is 31900€

Salary Devops Engineer in Oviedo is 31700€

Salary Devops Engineer in Sevilla is 36100€

Salary Devops Engineer in Valencia is 35700€

Salary Devops Engineer in Zaragoza is 37000€

Salary Frontend Developer in A Coruña is 25300€

Salary Frontend Developer in Barcelona is 42100€

Salary Frontend Developer in Bilbao is 31300€

Salary Frontend Developer in Madrid is 40100€

Salary Frontend Developer in Málaga is 35300€

Salary Frontend Developer in Múrcia is 30200€

Salary Frontend Developer in Oviedo is 30400€

Salary Frontend Developer in Sevilla is 30800€

Salary Frontend Developer in Valencia is 32100€

Salary Frontend Developer in Zaragoza is 30500€

Salary Php Developer in A Coruña is 24300€

Salary Php Developer in Barcelona is 41600€

Salary Php Developer in Bilbao is 27300€

Salary Php Developer in Madrid is 36100€

Salary Php Developer in Málaga is 33900€

Salary Php Developer in Múrcia is 29600€

Salary Php Developer in Oviedo is 29700€

Salary Php Developer in Sevilla is 33400€

Salary Php Developer in Valencia is 30100€

Salary Php Developer in Zaragoza is 29800€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in A Coruña is 23400€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Barcelona is 43200€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Bilbao is 27500€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Madrid is 36500€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Málaga is 28400€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Múrcia is 28100€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Oviedo is 22400€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Sevilla is 28100€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Valencia is 28300€

Salary Quality Assurance Engineer in Zaragoza is 28600€

Salary Security Engineer in A Coruña is 35300€

Salary Security Engineer in Barcelona is 52100€

Salary Security Engineer in Bilbao is 40800€

Salary Security Engineer in Madrid is 43600€

Salary Security Engineer in Málaga is 38200€

Salary Security Engineer in Múrcia is 40600€

Salary Security Engineer in Oviedo is 35200€

Salary Security Engineer in Sevilla is 37000€

Salary Security Engineer in Valencia is 39200€

Salary Security Engineer in Zaragoza is 38200€

Salary Software Architect in A Coruña is 41200€

Salary Software Architect in Barcelona is 58300€

Salary Software Architect in Bilbao is 47000€

Salary Software Architect in Madrid is 55300€

Salary Software Architect in Málaga is 43400€

Salary Software Architect in Múrcia is 45100€

Salary Software Architect in Oviedo is 38800€

Salary Software Architect in Sevilla is 40200€

Salary Software Architect in Valencia is 42900€

Salary Software Architect in Zaragoza is 41000€

The positions analyzed are:

  • .Net Developer
  • Java Developer
  • Data Scientist
  • Qa Engineer
  • Devops Engineer
  • Frontend Developer
  • Php Developer
  • Security Engineer
  • Software Architect
  • Systems Technician

The locations analyzed are:

  • A Coruña
  • Barcelona
  • Bilbao
  • Madrid
  • Málaga
  • Múrcia
  • Oviedo
  • Sevilla
  • Valencia
  • Zaragoza