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Access worldwide talent market data

Find insights on the talent market for any position, any sector, from anywhere in the world.


Filtered data focusing on your competitors

We bring to you, data focused on your needs and not a generic solution. Our data is delivered with focused segmentation so that you receive only the most relevant data.


Start analyzing salaries faster

We deliver within two weeks! No need to wait for months to receive the latest market information.


Keep your internal data secure. We don’t need it

We provide data curated from 10.000+ sources to bring you accurate and the latest data.

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New office location

Use Talent Up’s talent market data for your new IT hub. Recruit talents from various locations and expand your services.

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Salary benchmarking

Use Talent Up’s salary benchmarking to update salaries for very specific IT job profiles in order to attract & retain these professionals.

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Global recruiting

Find the best locations worldwide to recruit remote workers and what to offer them in order to attract these talents.

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