Manage Employees

Upload your employee data and gain insights into how their compensation stacks up in the job market.


Manage Your Employees' Compensation

Upload your employee data effortlessly and seamlessly. Our Manage Employee feature allows you to organize and track compensation details for your entire workforce, ensuring you're competitive in the talent market.


Analyze Salaries

Get a comprehensive overview of your employees' salaries compared to the market rates for their roles and locations. Make data-driven decisions when it comes to employee pay to attract and retain top talent.


Stay Ahead in the Talent Market

Stay ahead of the curve with access to up-to-date data and insights on employee compensation trends. Ensure that your compensation strategy aligns with industry standards and market demands.


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Integrate your other systems

To facilitate more efficient and automated searches and different features, the TalentUp Salary Platform includes a number of software integrations.

Integrate your software and platforms into the TalentUp Salary Platform to maximize their impact.

Use TalentUp Salary Platform to connect your systems, unifying your processes and increasing your productivity.

See the list of integrations available here.